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About The Ace Hostel

The Ace Hostel in Budapest is not the kind of place where you can expect to be swept off your feet by how elaborate everything is because this is a hostel that focuses on just the basics and nothing else. However, that is not to say that this is a bad thing as that is not the case here because even though we are looking at a bargain place to stay what you will find is that it is still quite comfortable and a good place to rest your head.

It should be stressed that you cannot expect anything fancy apart in any way whatsoever. Reception is largely left to yourself and it will be rare for you to see staff in order to ask them their advice on where to go next. However, some would then argue that this allows you to get on with things of your own accord rather than your experience being interfered with and, for some, that is quite a good thing.

The rooms are certainly big enough although you do have to check how clean it is before you get too settled. The beds are certainly comfortable enough and the communal areas do serve their purpose but, once again, we are not talking about it being anything special with what it can offer you.
The location is perhaps the best part of this hostel in that it does allow you to get to all of the best parts of the city without it being too much of a hassle. The fact that you can then just stumble back to your hostel when you are exhausted from seeing the sights does make a difference.

The decor in this hostel can look a bit tired, but then you are hardly going to be staying there due to its interior design as the idea of this hostel is that it is purely functional and it is on that function that they do indeed deliver. If you can look past the fact that it could be doing with a small renovation, then you should get on perfectly well there.

Overall, the Ace Hostel in Budapest is pushing its luck a bit with its name, but it does provide you with a comfortable and safe place to stay even though the staff are often missing and not there to help you in the way that you perhaps expect. However, if you are looking for somewhere that is inexpensive, then this place could be perfect.

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